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Astrology is vedanga, It’s a science of stars. Earth revolves round. Its axis continuously also moves around the ecliptical orbit.

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The planets are very powerful in nature and we all are under their influence. If these planets are weak or unbalanced ......

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Rudraksha is a creation of "Lord Shiva", The one and only one, The word Rudraksha has derived from 2 words Rudra and Aksha.

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When a person go to buy a coloured gemstones after he had been prescribed those gems-stones.....

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homas and poojas

Both the life and death is in the hands of the almighty and that is certain and predetermined.


Astrology consists of prediction of a person’s life by consideration of planets at the time of birth.


This is the most important of the nine grahas. In fact the sun is our nearest star in the space with planets revolving around it.


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